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Introduction to Bootcamp Congrats! You're ready to be a resident. So what is this bootcamp and how will it help you? Dr. Williams explains as you take the next step in your career.
Perfect Practice Practicing the wrong way makes you good at doing it the wrong way. Learn how to practice the right way so you get to your best self quicker.
PACE for Residency No one holds your hand after orientation. Show up prepared on Day 1 of residency. Prepare for intern year by doing the OME content in your specialty.
ACP has reviewed our Intern Bootcamp and since decided to distribute it to its entire membership. We are so proud to have such a credible institution approve of our work and mission to bring better medical education to the world. Learn More About ACP
“OnlineMedEd’s Intern Bootcamp empowers medical students to proactively position themselves for success during residency by providing valuable tools and resources to help them become effective, confident residents and strong, dynamic internists. We’re thrilled to partner with OnlineMedEd to make this valuable content available to our membership.” Phillip A. Masters, MD, FACP American College of Physicians Vice President of Membership and International Programs

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Let's get started

We've categorized our intern bootcamp into the sections below.


Welcome to the show

Understand the why and how behind this series as Dustyn prepares you for success.


Learn the team hierarchy and your role

Know the unwritten rules and expectations your attendings have of you.

Time Management

Prioritize tasks with a common value: patient care

Having these lessons down will lessen your burden and make the load manageable.

Clinical Reasoning

Understand the art of medicine

Medicine isn't black and white in the real world. Logic frameworks save you time, and save lives.


Ok, it's time to be efficient and concise

Stand out by presenting the right information the right way.


Maintain and balance stress, emotions, and residency

Understand and invest in yourself, so it doesn't impact your patients or peers.


Improve outcomes by raising the level of the team

This can be a high stress job. Navigating it and being a leader pays off. Here's how.


Meticulous detail in a fraction of the time

These tips and tricks will save you hours daily.

Obvious After It's Obvious

Be professional on and off the clock

Emails, calls, manners, and more. The little things can make your life that much easier.

Med school is the hardest four years of your life (ok, maybe not the 2nd half of the 4th year) and no one else gets it except those that went through it. But the thing is, it gets even harder once you're in residency. Your program will put you through a check-list orientation, but a lot more is expected of you.

It will be mentally and physically debilitating. You're going to have to be as efficient and effective as possible to not only survive but thrive and become the doctor you want to be.

That's why I'm here. I'll tell you what your program can't - the unspoken, unwritten rules of residency that every one will judge you on. I'll teach you what you need to be efficient, productive, and happier in medicine.

Your residency will be the hardest thing you've ever done and ever will do. But start with the right tools, methods and workflows, and it might just be the best experience of your life.