The OME Team

Our Story

Med school sucked. Information was needlessly overworked and extraneous, materials were expensive, and the sources were disjoined and scattered. We got the job done and did well, but knew there had to be a better way. We had the knowledge, skill and scores to do it. So we went to work; we got a white board, a camera, and started making videos. It worked. People used it. People LIKED it. Our interest is in making better doctors, which is why our videos are and always will be free. But we wanted to reach more people and be more than just a cool video site only a handful of people knew about. We wanted to change medical education. To do that, we needed resources. So we created a boatload of additional content in our signature style and started a business. Every week the site and the content continues to grow. We hope you enjoy our work. Good or bad, let us know by contacting us.

Our mission is to change how medical education is approached, how medical schools deliver it and how students learn it.

We want you spending time using what you've learned to practice actual medicine. That's done by making learning easier, faster, and more reliable. Learn what's needed and make it stick.

About the Lead Educator

Dustyn is a board-certified Internal Medicine physician. He did his undergrad at Yale, toured the streets of New Haven as a paramedic, then went to Tulane for medical school. It was there he met his mentors that coached him towards education. He's a Hospitalist at Baton Rouge General where he's the Clerkship Director for Tulane students in the LEAD curriculum and Core Faculty for the Baton Rouge General Internal Medicine Residency Program. From teaching technique to curricula, he's always looking for cutting edge research and data to support it. When not in the hospital or in front of the classroom, he's creating new content and trying to convince Jamie to put his beloved cat on everything OnlineMedEd.